Ascension Symptoms

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As the middle of my chest continues to flutter, like a small bird trying to get out of it’s cage, I too am striving to break totally free of this dimension. Perhaps, you feel the same. Yes, we are moving forward at an alarming rate of progress, toward the Light. Do not feel alone in the journey. Today I woke lying on my stomach, with the left leg raised as if climbing stairs. It was a real treat to recall that for many years I could only sleep on my back. My ascension symptoms seem to be increasing, but thankfully they are not as bothersome as in the past. Ascension basically means a change in perception. We are moving toward the consciousness of Christ knowing, we are connected as part of One. Some of us are fully aware of the process, while others may not recognize the signs. In a…

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About Lightworker SAM

SAM is a wayshower helping humanity to return fully to being, as aspects of All That Is. The awareness that we’re spirits in human form having a physical experience came to SAM after her son's transition on April 4, 2004. Grief opened the door to an ongoing quest for self-mastery as his spirit led her to the Science of Mind. SAM is an intuitive author and teacher of One who views life from different points of awareness. She is administrator of the popular Internet resource, Lightworker’s Log (, a minister, ordained by Sanctuary of the Beloved Church Priesthood and Order of Melchizedek, and founder of SAM I AM PROductions (
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