Nourishing The I AM Presence

Nourishing the I AM Presence is a time to reconnect and re-member with Sharon Ann Meyer (SAM).

Join us at Bridges of Wellness for a 6-week sharing of inspiring messages from Book Of One 🙂

Book Of One :-) Volume 1

Beginning Friday, February 20, 2015 from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Nourishing the I AM Presence is a time of connecting to the Source within through spiritual union and sharing. It offers six weeks filled with inspiring opportunities to:

  • Open the energetic path to true awareness of Self
  • Participate in the sharing of channels
  • Enjoy the energies of Oneness
  • Nourish your I AM Presence
  • Incorporate your I AM Presence
  • Assist Christ Consciousness
  • Merge into spiritual union

Join us to share this sacred space in time to recall and incorporate the essence of I AM.

Bridges of Wellness

1881 N.E. 26th Street, Suite 244

Wilton Manors, FL. – Wilton Plaza

(954) 530 6006

Bridges Of Wellness Logo


About Lightworker SAM

SAM is a wayshower helping humanity to return fully to being, as aspects of All That Is. The awareness that we’re spirits in human form having a physical experience came to SAM after her son's transition on April 4, 2004. Grief opened the door to an ongoing quest for self-mastery as his spirit led her to the Science of Mind. SAM is an intuitive author and teacher of One who views life from different points of awareness. She is administrator of the popular Internet resource, Lightworker’s Log (, a minister, ordained by Sanctuary of the Beloved Church Priesthood and Order of Melchizedek, and founder of SAM I AM PROductions (
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