Raise And Maintain Your Vibration!

Raise and maintain your vibration to help yourself and others during these times of massive change. The world changes vastly as old safety nets are wiped away by the few who think they rule the world. This time shall not last long but will be gruesome for many. You must follow your instincts to remain out of the fray of the disillusioned. Keep thoughts pure and simple, upon a simpler way of living, and you shall be fine as these necessary changes take place. All is ultimately well in this world that now changes beyond recognition. Find your faith in the Source of I AM and know you are not alone in the journey!

Consider the possibilities for you through these resources and their associated web site links:

* Lightworker’s Log Book Series – to raise your vibrational frequency



* Individualized Spiritual Mind Treatment CDs – to retrain your brain and remind you of your unlimited abilities


* Videos and Memes (Specialized Graphics) – to offer your unique gifts and talents to wider audiences



* Rev. SAM – to schedule Ascension Musing or balance receiving and giving


* Book of One Volume 1 Audio – 7 CDs to nurture and help you connect with All That Is


* Internet page set-ups – to offer your unique gifts and talents to wider audiences


* Free tools and resources for conscious evolution


This month’s affirmation is:

“I AM ever so grateful to reflect the wisdom of my Higher Self. And I bring that wisdom to all realities.”

Balance your giving and receiving by supporting those that support you. Visit Rev. SAM to relay comments, suggestions or Love offerings.

Visit SAM I AM PROductions to support these types of messages and for ascension tools and resources.

Shine on 🙂


About Lightworker SAM

SAM is a wayshower helping humanity to return fully to being, as aspects of All That Is. The awareness that we’re spirits in human form having a physical experience came to SAM after her son's transition on April 4, 2004. Grief opened the door to an ongoing quest for self-mastery as his spirit led her to the Science of Mind. SAM is an intuitive author and teacher of One who views life from different points of awareness. She is administrator of the popular Internet resource, Lightworker’s Log (LightworkersLog.com), a minister, ordained by Sanctuary of the Beloved Church Priesthood and Order of Melchizedek, and founder of SAM I AM PROductions (SamIAMproductions.com).
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