Thoughts Of Illusion

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Here is a channel received at dawn.

“Beware the straying mind that keeps you locked in the illusion of time and space. This world is of your making, and truly, a space of time wholly centered on your thoughts. This is the state of affairs you have come to correct, if we may use your own language, to correct in that it is not of a time and space atmosphere from which you hail (come from).

“These thoughts keep you in the illusion by straying from those thoughts that will set you free from the maze of illusion. It is in your best interest, the best interest of all, to remain centered, to remain within your own field of Self to keep on the path of Truth and Light. To do this, remain calm and think of nothing but the beauty and perfection of your heart center. Focus on the heart center and know it is the key to remaining within your own Truth as these days continue to change at an alarming rate. Be aware of your thoughts but let them pass through you as they come. Acknowledge them but know they are just a distraction from the real course of events that never changes.

“Your thoughts change continually but your True State never changes. Be aware of this fact and keep centered in your heart.

“We are the White-Winged Consciousness of Nine here to assist you as you desire to be assisted.”

I almost feel as if an apology is in order, an apology for not posting as often as usual in the past six years. But times, as you know, change, as everything else. I am now in a situation where money is becoming vital to exist. Yes, after cashing in all of my assets, everything from a husband, retirement funds, house, furniture and personal belongings, I have lived and served solely on those proceeds for the past seven years. But those proceeds are now gone and I must continue to have a roof over my head, food to eat, and a car, albeit a seventeen-year-old car with a marred transmission, to live. And so time passes as I build yet another business.

Lightworker’s Log ( is a free service to humanity with lots of tools and resources to help humanity but it is not free to me. I must continue to pay for the domain, website hosting and upkeep, which is now nearly non-existent due to a computer crash in 2012. The Rev. SAM site ( is housed within this resource but also nearly impossible to update. I need funds to purchase software to update the site and so it may remain stagnant. And the new Lightbody.Community site at http://www.Lightbody.Community also needs financial support.

It's time to ignite your Divine Spark!

It’s time to ignite your Divine Spark!

It appears that most people are in a state of limitation with the balance of giving and receiving out of whack. For me, that means always giving much more than I receive. And now it is time for me to pay that price, to face that consequence, if you will. I now have a new service endeavor to help humanity and myself. SAM, I AM PROductions ( helps humanity to find the Divine Spark within through unique video production and editing, promoting books or other products, websites, and services. In a nutshell, I now focus on building a business that produces successful and cost-effective marketing tools for others instead of focusing on delivering my unique gift of channeling messages from higher realms. Yet know, I have not forsaken you but am now in a position where I must support myself first.


And so, messages may be sparse for a bit of time. Remember, many messages from the popular BOOK OF ONE 🙂 series are in the RSS podcast feed. Find these and additional inspiring and helpful channeled messages in “Book of One 🙂 Volume 1 through New Leaf Distributing at; Book of One 🙂 Volume 2 at, and Book of One 🙂 Volume 3 at All three volumes are also available through booksellers. Keep in mind that purchasing the books through Lightworker’s Log or New Leaf offers the best balance of giving and receiving for books purchased through Amazon can reap a profit of a mere 35 cents to $2.

Watch the author’s video at or on Facebook at to see information on my books. Also, enjoy examples of my new endeavor through the “Phillip Elton Collins Amazon Author Page” at and the new “Lightworker’s Log YouTube Channel” at Links to download many other inspiring videos are at  Lightworker’s Log.

Balance your giving and receiving by supporting those that support you. Visit Rev SAM to relay comments, suggestions or Love offerings.

Shine on 🙂

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Building Visibility For Your Business

Anyone with a small business knows that building it to a life-sustaining level takes time, commitment and money. It can take years before people feel compelled to actually learn about what we offer but exposure is vital to having a successful business. Exposure is the first step in reaching a larger audience and increasing business opportunities.

Marketing is vital to reach potential clients. We may have the best resources available for the least cost but unless people know who we are, and where to find us, business suffers. We may use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to get our name out into the world. But let’s face it, these avenues are now dinosaurs that have become so popular and filled with deceit that most posts never get seen.

Building a client base happens by spreading the word about who we are and what we do. And it’s now time to take matters into our own hands, to have more control over how our particular message gets heard. We do this through several avenues besides social media, such as websites, videos and word of mouth from satisfied clients.

Having your own website domain offers a sense of greater stability and reliability to your business. And coupling that website with your email address is essential. Domain names are very affordable and hosting your site on a secure server, where you have more control over what gets seen, is most definitely an advantage over business owners who offer services through free online websites, with common email addresses from free sources, such as Yahoo and Google. It takes under $500 to purchase your unique domain name, secure a web hosting company and employ someone to design a small website.

Marketing videos are another way to spread the word about our gifts and talents. Effective productions engage the viewer, offer something of value, and let people know who we are and what we have to offer. They are no more than four minutes in length and entice the viewer to seek more information. Effective productions uses images, text, voice and music to engage viewers. Images and music must be your own or you must have permission to use them to stay within the bounds of copyright laws.

Productions must be engaging and entertaining enough to compete with millions of other videos. If they are, people watch them even if they may not be interested in the actual text/voice content, and the goal of exposure is met. No matter how you choose to produce your marketing video, keep in mind, there’s a difference between “hits” (which can mean that sites such as Google now know the production is up and available – or people have seen the video) and “views” (where people actually watch the production).

The best avenue to widen your reach and get more business is word of mouth. Obviously, to utilize this method we must have clients and there’s no better way to get them than to increase your Internet exposure.

SAM I AM PROductions helps humanity to find the Divine Spark within through tools such as effective websites, video productions, specialized media and book publishing. We produce creative, high quality products and distribute these products online. Each video production shares messages effectively through editing techniques, digital effects, and original static and motion graphics. We use images and music from independent artists who allow their use. Visit to get a project quote today!

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Glimmers Of Light – 2

View these inspiring channeled messages from the Book Of One 🙂 Book Series available through booksellers and New Leaf Distributing , Book of One 🙂 Volume 2, and Book of One 🙂 Volume 3. Join us on March 13, 2015 and for the next three weeks, every Friday from 7:00-8:00 PM, for “Nourishing the I AM Presence”, a time to reconnect and re-member with Sharon Ann Meyer (SAM). The intention of this mini-vacation is to join in spiritual union and hone our ability to channel the I AM Presence. This Bridges of Wellness event offers entertaining videos with inspiring messages from BOOK OF ONE 🙂 and tips on how to channel the Voice within.

“Nourishing The I AM Presence” helps us to remain in the flow of synchronicity and clears the way for greater world service. We share ways to increase our vibrational rate to tap into the Divine Spark within. This is a time shared with people of like mind, a means to increase spiritual awareness, and an opportunity to check out Bridges Of Wellness.

For further information view the video or visit

Join us to share this sacred space in time at:

Bridges of Wellness

1881 N.E. 26th Street, Suite 244

Wilton Manors, FL. – Wilton Plaza

(954) 530 6006


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Thoughts Of Illusion & Nourishing The I AM Presence

Thoughts Of Illusion.

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Ascension Symptoms

One last day left to get 44% off of $11.11 for “Bits of Wisdom” through New Leaf Distributing

Lightworker's Log Blog

As the middle of my chest continues to flutter, like a small bird trying to get out of it’s cage, I too am striving to break totally free of this dimension. Perhaps, you feel the same. Yes, we are moving forward at an alarming rate of progress, toward the Light. Do not feel alone in the journey. Today I woke lying on my stomach, with the left leg raised as if climbing stairs. It was a real treat to recall that for many years I could only sleep on my back. My ascension symptoms seem to be increasing, but thankfully they are not as bothersome as in the past. Ascension basically means a change in perception. We are moving toward the consciousness of Christ knowing, we are connected as part of One. Some of us are fully aware of the process, while others may not recognize the signs. In a…

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Nourishing The I AM Presence

Nourishing the I AM Presence is a time to reconnect and re-member with Sharon Ann Meyer (SAM).

Join us at Bridges of Wellness for a 6-week sharing of inspiring messages from Book Of One 🙂

Book Of One :-) Volume 1

Beginning Friday, February 20, 2015 from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Nourishing the I AM Presence is a time of connecting to the Source within through spiritual union and sharing. It offers six weeks filled with inspiring opportunities to:

  • Open the energetic path to true awareness of Self
  • Participate in the sharing of channels
  • Enjoy the energies of Oneness
  • Nourish your I AM Presence
  • Incorporate your I AM Presence
  • Assist Christ Consciousness
  • Merge into spiritual union

Join us to share this sacred space in time to recall and incorporate the essence of I AM.

Bridges of Wellness

1881 N.E. 26th Street, Suite 244

Wilton Manors, FL. – Wilton Plaza

(954) 530 6006

Bridges Of Wellness Logo

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Building Your Website

Having a web site increases the odds of people finding your business, product, or service. Anyone can build a web site. All it requires is time, the ability to deal with Internet technology, and sometimes lots of patience. There are several web sites where you can build your own web page, or pages without cost. If your site is popular, these web site companies post sponsored ads at the bottom or side of your page. Visit the popular or if you are interested in designing your own free web site and don’t mind sponsored ads.

Purchasing specialized software is another way to build a web site but learning how to use the software takes time. It also takes time to build effective web sites, hone your skills, and know what to do when things seem to go wrong. A minimal amount of html knowledge helps as well.

AffordableAnother way to have an unique web site is to enlist SAM I AM PROductions to do the work for you. There are two options currently available, either you have a site at or (the cheapest way to have a web site), or you enlist SAM I AM PROductions to secure a domain name for you, design the web site and secure a domain name server. Everything is taken care of for you and once the webs site is up you can update it yourself, with minimal effort, or enlist SAM I AM PROductions to do it for you. Visit or email to discuss your possibilities!

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