Consciously Build A New World

Thank you for supporting Lightworker’s Log.

Thank You for your loving support and friendship! Merry Christ Consciousness!

Thank You for your loving support and friendship! Merry Christ Consciousness!

As this year comes to a close I thought the following channel might be of use to you. As usual, additional channeled messages are within the “Book Of One 🙂” series.

“You are moving through a necessary process to get you where you need to be in the New World. This process will bring up wounds and defenses like never before so be prepared to know their value and meaning in your life. It is not up to you to help others process their wounds and defenses but to merely take care of your own by looking at the mirrors as they are presented to you. Ask yourself with each interaction:

“Why is this occurring, is this something I need to process?
Will this processing move me further along the path of oneness without harming another?
Will it take me back to where I was before?
Will it move me to new heights unheard of where I can blossom and grow?

“Processing this kind of information is vital to your increased well-being. It is up to you to move through this process with the ease and grace within you.

“It is key to not carry memories of past experiences into new ones for they mar the perception of Now. Start each new experience, relationship with a clear, clean slate. Always err on the side of cohesiveness and oneness, rather than duality and separation. Defenses, unconscious reactions, protect wounds. Consider each reaction and determine if there is a wound to be uncovered and healed.

“We are the White-Winged Consciousness of Nine here to assist as asked.”

Remember to focus on the Light within your heart’s core to carry you through the days and months ahead. And know, you are never alone.

Pay strict attention to thoughts, intentions, and actions for each serves to build your world. Try to set aside quiet time before sleeping by reading, listening to, or watching positive messages. All three volumes of Book of One 🙂 sit at my bedside for this purpose. Videos listed below note the power of thought. Most of them are excerpts from the Lightworker’s Log Book Series. There are many, many other videos available on the power of thought on the Internet.

* Our Holographic Reality
* Thoughts Are Vibrations
* Weaving Dreams
* Let Your Dreams Be Your Guide
* The Power of Thought
* Choose Your World Carefully
* Thoughts Feed the Matrix
* Master You World (Please be aware that it’s no longer possible to give away free books on a mass basis as before.)
* Thoughts And Collective Consciousness
* Thoughts Create

Remember, you hold the power of One to co-create a better world. Surprise yourself by making different choices and continue to assimilate these higher vibrating energies with ease and grace!

Questions, comments, and suggestions appreciated through Lightworker’s Log. Visit Wayshower SAM and Lightworker’s Log for book information and SAM I AM PROductions at SAM I AM to widen the reach of Your gifts and talents.

Affirming Wholeness, Loving Relationships, Joy, Prosperity and Boundless Energy for 2015!

Happiest of Beginnings and Infinite Blessings

Shine on 🙂


About Lightworker SAM

SAM is a wayshower helping humanity to return fully to being, as aspects of All That Is. The awareness that we’re spirits in human form having a physical experience came to SAM after her son's transition on April 4, 2004. Grief opened the door to an ongoing quest for self-mastery as his spirit led her to the Science of Mind. SAM is an intuitive author and teacher of One who views life from different points of awareness. She is administrator of the popular Internet resource, Lightworker’s Log (, a minister, ordained by Sanctuary of the Beloved Church Priesthood and Order of Melchizedek, and founder of SAM I AM PROductions (
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