Lightworker’s Log Website Update :-)

Intense energies continue to help Mother Earth and all upon her morph back to the pristine wholeness left so many, many eons ago. We are now experiencing a purging, cleansing process as never before as old habits and patterns persist. If you are anything like me, you are experiencing these gross disturbances within yourself, through family, friends or the world. If you are experiencing these limitations of mind yourself, consider making new choices to move through them to greater ways of living and self-awareness. After all, many of us did come to earth this time to pave a new path, to help build a new future for humanity though Oneness.

We are all parts of one another experiencing what our soul needs to experience to let go of old concepts holding us in limitation. This does not mean that we must fight to survive but to tap into the Allness of All That Is to guide and support us in new ways. We are parts of this greatness, waiting to discover the truth of Reality that lies within. Yes, we came to play a game of human life, to take on a dense form to experience what is not. But the time is here to recognize that we are indeed Gods of Matter, each and every one of us.

If you are experiencing gross disturbances though others consider your habits and patterns to determine if something needs to shift within you. Again, we need not struggle, but trust in the process of evolution. Yes, this means making changes necessary to pave the new path to greatness. Yet it does not mean to follow old habits, patterns and rituals to maintain a lifestyle that no longer fits our new state of awareness. Do things differently. Make new choices and watch your world change. For after all, the only thing we can count on is change.

Follow your own resonance and use discernment to determine what works for you. Any experience can teach us what is though what is not. The days of pushing our energy upon others, of striving to make a living using outdated methods that promote separation are over. We are here to choose another way. We are here to recognize the Oneness of life. We are here to help mold a New World, promoting abundance and security for all upon Mother Earth.

Get ready for a purging, cleansing process seen like never before and be prepared to move along the path your soul chose when coming into human form. Take care in the months ahead and know you are mightily loved.

In my experience, the best choice is to travel with one foot in both worlds. Count on the abundance that you are but also take steps to insure it, guided by synchronicity. Allow things to come to you, without pushing your energy onto others. Seek only the pristine awareness of the One within.

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This month’s affirmation is:

“I AM ever so grateful to reflect the wisdom of my Higher Self. And I bring that wisdom to all realities.”

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Shine on :-)

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Manifesting Your Dreams – Book Excerpt from Manifesting: Lightworker’s Log

Daniel again meets me during meditation. He’s always with me, he assures, as we are all One. Karen Drucker’s CD fills the air later as magic continues to be mine. The CD stops for a fleeting second, to verify again; I’m not alone. For a mere second, I shed a tear for the past but then recognize that I’m not truly physical. Upon wiping tears, I continue singing passionately.

When words enter my brain, as I lie in the state between waking and sleep, I play attention to them. 

This morning’s words did not seem to come from the now familiar place, which I refer to as Inner Speak. And yet, I know All That Is is One and it is within me.

I do not watch TV or read the newspaper, and rarely, except to check weather and other earth changes, follow Internet links. Frankly, I’m not sure how this message came to me. It mentions the name of a Being and a planet that I have not heard about. However, the messenger seemed very loving and I’m not in the habit of receiving communications from negative entities.

A strong belief in All That Is, which we each hold as a Divine Spark within our heart’s core, permeates both days and nights. And yet, while still in physical form, it seems prudent to document and share messages.

So now, at six-thirty in the morning, hours before my usual rising time, I document the words that flowed so easily minutes ago.

“I am Talia from the planet Nibiru. I wish to speak with you today. Your planet is wholesome in many ways. Today is a day of great opportunities. Shine forth the Light to see them all. Manifesting your dreams is easier now as these great changes take place. Be aware that with each change in your earth the space for new beginnings opens wider.

“The land of your ancestors opens to you for your grace. There is a great cataclysm taking place in your atmosphere that opens the way for new beginnings. Do not be afraid as these necessary changes take place. All is according to the Divine Will of One. Take care in the days ahead and know all is as it should be for the further evolution of humanity.

“Reap not in sorrow or haste but take each change with the Wholeness and Love that you are.”

Manifesting: Lightworker’s Log” – Visit Lightworker’s Log to get books for up to 50% off during the End of Summer 2014 Closeout Sale at <3 Loving You <3

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Changes Ahead ;-)

“Verily I say onto you, do not be discouraged by the current state of events for all in your world quickly changes to an unrecognizable state for many beings of Light. This state of affairs shall not last for long, as previously reported, but is, as yet, a necessary course of events to get all to the state of awareness of Self. This Self, as many now know, was lost in the fray of remembering when humanity took on denser and denser forms.

You shall, as many others, lead the way back to wholeness of Self as all return to a state of Wholeness from gross disarray. Purging old habits serves one best at this time as you move through this process. No one is left behind and yet all are One in Wholeness and Truth of Reality.

You shall experience waves of gross earth disturbances, as before, but this shall be much different for much has changed in your atmosphere. We are watching from other states of awareness as many continue to try and manipulate the unknowing masses of those still unconsciousness to True BEing. You must be aware that each soul, although as you know is illusion, has its own purpose and meaning. Each soul has a task to complete as these times spurt forth. Do not be preoccupied with those yet asleep but remain focused on your task. Each shall know their task in their own time. Many shall complete it without knowing the meaning of action and awareness. Never relate to the chaos as it erupts but be clear on your own goal, whatever that may be. Stay clear in your own awareness of Truth and Light we all move further from the illusion through chaos.

Be it said today, on all levels great changes take place because of those awakened souls on earth. You are looked upon as gracious beings of Light and we are with you all the way.

We are the souls of One.”

This is a channeled message. Other messages are in “Book of One :-) Volume 1″ available through New Leaf Distributing at AND Book of One :-) Volume 2 at

<3 Loving You <3

SAM, I AM ;-)

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Spirits in Human Form – Book of One :-)

We are spirits in human form… We just forgot… Find “Book of One :-) Volume 1″ through New Leaf Distributing at, CreateSpace at and Amazon. <3 Loving You <3  


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Lightworker’s Log Website Update

Update for May 1, 2014 is on FB at <3

Thank you for supporting Lightworker’s Log. We now enter into a time of even greater change where many systems counted on for so long change. This is a necessary course of events based on world events and verified by channels shared with this update. There are many podcasts within this feed noting actions to take to prepare and ground your energies if you have not done so already.


Find “Review Thoughts and Feelings,” “Do Things Differently,” and “Humanity’s True Source of Power” in the RSS feed at “A Necessary Course” is in the Wayshower RSS feed at There’s also a new article, “Think Life-Affirming Thoughts,” in the Rev. SAM site at

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Shine On :-)


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Journey to Light

“There is a greater awareness in every cell of your body as these portals of awareness open. Be aware of these times as ones of great necessity to carry you through the portals to a greater awareness and understanding of Self, of the I AM Presence within.

“As your world continues to change you shall expect these sessions of Light building on a greater level. T0Sessionshey shall help you to move with Mother Earth when the time is
right. All on your planet do
not experience these changes to the extent as others. But you must move forward in your awareness, keeping these changes to yourself, for not all understand the process, or even the ability to forgo it.

“We are the Keeper of One in unique form, as you, but on other realms of the illusion. There is no time nor space where we exist. It is a place you will experience in your journey to Light as well.”

This is a channeled message. Other messages are in “Book of One :-) Volume 1” and “Book of One :-) Volume 2“.

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Keeper of One Speaks

I wake near dawn to hear words repeating in my brain. Usually this occurs in my small mind of one each morning but I often fall back asleep instead of asking it to stay. Obviously, one key to channeling other realms is to get a proper night’s sleep! Today I ask who wishes to interact with me and hear it is the Keeper of One. The following message flows slowly as I repeat it into a bedside tape recorder.


“Allow me to allow you to relish in the Oneness. This Oneness of which I speak surrounds you on a daily basis. It is the Oneness of all life, all beings, every environment of space and time. Allow yourself to relish in this Oneness as things go awry, as you would say. This Oneness is the true nature of all humanity, of all life, of all things in and out of time and space.


“The days before you now are fraught with the measures of undue, what you would refer to as, harm. These measures shall last but for a very short time before all quickly changes to become closer to the Oneness in which all within the Reality of One live. Your time on earth is beginning to change drastically. As these days before you go smoothly and effortlessly towards the BEingness of Oneness, let all things fall into place effortlessly. Know that you are the keeper of your own Oneness. There is none other but you to relish in this Oneness of Love, of Light, of unconditional living within the realms of Oneness.


“Pay no heed to what goes on around you, unless of course it detrimentally affects your own very survival, your own very being. And yet, as this occurs, one must always remain within the heart. Take the practical steps you feel you need to survive in your world but know that all is truly illusion of your own making. As a soul, you have chose a lovely and varied game of lessons, of experiences, of karmic relationships, of karmic deeds to do and undo, and yet as you move through these days know that all is illusion. Your thoughts make this illusion. Your dreams help you to relish in the Oneness.


“Be clear in your thinking for every thought is an electrical charge that manifests on some level of reality, your reality. Every thought may be positive, relishing in the Oneness of all life, or negative, wallowing in the separation of fear. Choose love and stay in your heart space to forgo what many now succumb to. Choose love and relish in the Oneness for these days shall not last long but shall affect all on earth. Know this and remain within your heart feeling that Oneness of all life and knowing each condition, each circumstance, each person you interact with reveals a part of your own consciousness. Keep thoughts within the realms of Oneness, of Love, of Light and know that all is ultimately very, very well.


“I am the Keeper of One and I bid you good day.”


Today I am knowing all is in perfect and Divine Order as I continue in this gaseous state knowing this body morphs, feeling these aches and pains. And yet according to other sources, seeming to be apart from me on Facebook, they are the very things experienced by others. In fact, I am quite lucky for many others report many more signs of morphing, and serious ones at that. I am grateful for all the wonderful things that continue to come into my life and I know all is in Divine Order. It can be no other way!

This is a channeled message. Other messages are in Book of One :-) available through New Leaf Distributing (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2), Create Space (Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) and Amazon.



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